Foodie Trails help to increase visitors and promote the destination

Having just coordinated the launch of a regional food tourism event encouraging hotels guest houses and other tourism businesses to buy local produce, I realise that hotels and guest houses are missing a trick. Wouldn’t it be good for visitors to explore the local area meeting producers, seeing how food is produced and how it ends up on the menu at the local restaurant?

Since I wrote this paragraph in March 2014 I have worked with Sian Roberts Loving Welsh Food

Sian has successfully run the Cardiff Food Tour now for nearly 2 years both for individuals and small groups. She has provided an insight into what makes Cardiff tick from a tourist’s point of view emphasising the city’s Welsh food heritage. Agencies such as Visit Wales and Visit Britain have praised her work and she has won an award for her tours. She works with tour operators and travel agencies worldwide but also has interest from UK visitors to Cardiff who are often on a short break or attending an event in the city.  Sian also offers a Vale Food Safari a more ambitious day tour by minibus in the Vale of Glamorgan. The starting point is in the market town of Cowbridge, just 30 minutes from Cardiff City Centre. More details again for individuals and groups on her website.

Updated August 2018

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