A changing look for traditional classical music is to be welcomed


I was interested to read Bob Riley’s thoughts on how some classical orchestras such as  Manchester Camerata are looking for exciting new ways to engage  with audiences.

My work at National Children’s Orchestras of GB in 2013 and at music festivals has shown me the importance of strategically planning to attract new audiences and how a review of the traditional format of classical music performances can create added excitement and enjoyment for wider audiences.

I have long thought that we need to be more imaginative when programming, staging and presenting live music performances to help us better connect with the audience. Introducing trumpeter Alison Balsom on the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe, for example, in an interesting collaboration. The growing popularity of screening performances from venues such as ROH is encouraging, such events help us to find new audiences for live performance.

Bob Riley’s article appeared in The Guardian on 1 September 2014 and can be downloaded here